Tree Beings Reviews

I hope that many children all over the world will read Tree Beings.

– Dr Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

It’s unlikely there’s a better book on trees for young readers than Tree Beings. –Buzz Words

Excellent…The Australian (Nov 6)

Tree Beings is an amazing book, much needed for our time and for the children who will read this. – Educate Empower

A special book that many families will want to keep in their library and pass down the generations to follow.– School Days

Readers will spend hours poring over the detailed illustrations and uncovering the grace, strength, science and spiritual importance of trees…Highly recommended – indeed, I would say essential…– Just So Stories

The choice of case-studies is exceptional. It’s a fascinating read and one we recommend to protect these ‘silent statues’. – Newy With Kids

Good for the soul…An absolutely must-have book.– Sydney Telegraph