Sculpture Gallery

1. Adrift: hand-made in creamy Carrara marble, this was such hard work but, hey, I was in Italy! (Arco Arte workshop). Click to enlarge photos.

2. Bernoulli: Air currents from Mt Somers limestone; thanks to a workshop by wonderful scupltor, Paul Deans.

3. Foot of Clay: My lumpy foot inspired my very first sculpture.

4. Facebook: These book ends were based on a Polynesian mask.

5. Quarry: first abstract from a rock tumbled down in Mt Somers quarry. Destroyed in Christchurch quake.

Image 1

6. David’s Heart: I copied Michelangelo’s David then did some surgery and discovered a heart in the Oamaru limestone. Thank you brilliant potter Peter Gregory for the gift of stone.

7. Seuss Time: This working clock is hollow and inspired by Dr Seuss designs.

8. Fallen Angel: Mt Somers stone, which I later fiddled with and it broke.

9. Swan: the eye is artists’ patinating wax.

10.Mother Duck: this just appeared as I worked the stone.

Image 311. Tree Frog: inspired by a sculpture at Sydney Zoo (I’m still trying to find the artist’s name).

stone12. Time: this took ages and still hasn’t resolved…





13. Extinct Bowl (below): don’t wash soft limestone.