Global Norman (Ebook)

Cautionary Rhymes For Generation Tech

A book of amusing poems for children about the dangers of technology: including mobile phones, ipods, computer games, internet, TV, fast food, gadgets and global warming.

Sample poem: Mobile Phone.

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Technology is Norman’s pet,
3-D screens and internet,
Video games and googled maps,
Laptops, pods and pads and apps.

But is Norman’s techno-rave
Turning him into a slave?

You found the answers to Fang’s puzzles!

1. One person was given an egg still in the carton.

2.  They are all palindromes (read them backwards).

3. The letters are the words for numbers; One, Two, Three, Four…

4. Make it appear shorter. Draw a longer line next to it – then the first line is shorter.

5. The ladder is not under water, because the ship rises with the tide.

6. Many reasons including chemical reactions and force (this riddle is 2000 years old).

7. Your name.

7. Your name.

8. A wax candle.

9. The score is always zero-zero at the moment a game begins.

10. An envelope in the mail.

11. Rowing, back-stroke, tug-of-war.

12. There are four mistakes: the comma, the spelling of ‘contains’ and ‘mistakes’, and the meaning (there are not two mistakes).

13. I am the cleaner.

14. Planets in the solar system, vowels in the alphabet, holes on a golf course, squares on a chess board, bones in the human body.

15. Yes, one word is an anagram of new door.
16. They all end in -ough but none of them rhymes (sounds the same).