Mobile Phone Poem and Song

Cellphone Poem (click to hear the song)

Cellphone poem illustration

Norman liked to be alone;

His best friend was his mobile phone.

He preferred the glowing case

to any boring human face.

Changing clothes or changing gear,

He kept the phone pressed to his ear.

Speed-dial, texting, e-mail too

He even used it on the loo.

Each new model was a blast

and each was smarter than the last.

His latest was the Buzz-4-Free;

half the size of a bumblebee.

He took the phone to bed one night;

snoozing by its tiny light.

But while he was in deepest slumber

someone tried to call his number.

In error, sleepy from  his doze,

He held the phone up to his nose.

Then sniffing, Norman felt a pain–

The phone had lodged inside his brain.

Now this is what young Norman does –

His eyes light up, his nostrils buzz.

When people call he’s always home,

A walking talking mobile phone!

Words © Raymond Huber

Cellphone audio (music and arrangement) by Phil Riley; Cellphone illustrations by Kirsty Lillico. Both first published in School Journal by Learning Media Ltd for the Ministry of Education. © Crown.