Mad Spark – August 6

August 6, 1945, an atom bomb destroyed Hiroshima – 80,000 people died instantly, tens of thousands more in later years. A larger bomb was then dropped on Nagasaki, killing another 40,000 people. Photos: Nagasaki before and after the bomb:

The US Secretary of War, was concerned that America’s reputation for fair play might be damaged by targeting urban areas. General George Marshall had a similar view, believing the bomb should be used first on military targets … Both men’s views were ignored.–  Target Nagasaki by Craig Collie

Some say the bombs were the only way to end the war. I say the targeting of civilians with nuclear weapons is immoral, illegal, and horrific (A.C. Grayling argues this in  Among the Dead Cities).

Pablo Neruda’s Ode to the Atom speaks of how the atom was ‘unchained’ on August 6:

Mad spark, go back to your shroud,

bury yourself in your mineral mantle,

be blind stone once again, ignore the outlaws,

and collaborate with life, with growing things…


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