Bringing Bees To The People

childsuitCity life can distance people from nature and from the consequences of environmental damage. One solution is to bring nature to people’s door-steps, such as bringing beehives into the city. Murray and Heidi Rixon rent beehives into home gardens. They visit the hives regularly and teach their clients how to manage the bees and provide protective bee suits for the whole family. People can choose their degree of involvement with the hives and most are very keen to learn.
They say the Rentahive business has a ”massive feel-good factor” and people are driven by the urge to do something positive and proactive about the bee crisis. Customers are also excited to get a share of the honey. Murray and Heidi have just launched a schools’ project to teach children about bees. The children can partake in beehive construction, help with care of the hive and honey extraction.
There are many benefits having hives in an urban setting: bees get a longer flowering season and a wider variety of pollen/nectar sources; gardens are well-pollinated; honey flavours are unique; and best of all, people more fully engage with the environment.

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  1. Gary Fawcett - kiwimana Beekeeping Supplies Says:


    Wow what a cool company, love that they are trying to help school children learn about beekeeping. The sooner kids understand that bees are not out to hurt them the better.

    I will to get in touch with them to come on our show and talk about their company. Do you know them Raymond?


    Gary Fawcett

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