5 Inspiring Websites

1. Common Dreams: news articles on social, economic, rights issues (mostly US).

2. Utne Reader: best of the alternative press on environment, culture, community.

3. Brain Pickings: nicely curated blog on creativity and culture.

4. Letters of Note: fascinating personal letters from famous people.

5. Templeton: Big Questions Essay Series on science, morality, religion, economics.



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  1. Brigitte Viellieu-Davis Says:

    Dear Raymond:

    I am developing a musical with my colleagues Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell about the honeybee. We are NYC-based artists and are very inspired by the plight of the bees and what it says about what is happening to the planet. I am a certified beekeeper through Rutgers University, though I do not keep bees. I got my certification because of my fascination with what is happening to this crucial part of our ecosystem and food supply.

    We have tried to order your books from NZ unsuccessfully. We are planning this as a show for family audiences and think your stories might make great source material.

    Please let me know if any of this resonates with you.



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