Fang’s Logic Puzzles

Fang is a puzzle snake in my bee novel, Wings. He lives at the foot of Mt Fuji where he protects the Ice Orchid with his twisty logic puzzles. Here are some more of his puzzles. (Answer link below).

1. There are 6 eggs in a carton.  6 people are given 1 egg each, but there is one egg still left in the carton. How can this be?

2. What do these questions have in common?

Do geese see God?

May a moody baby doom a yam?

Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

3. What do these letters mean?


4. A teacher drew a pencil line and said, ‘Make this line shorter. You may not rub out the line or cover it up. You may use a pencil.’ How?

5. A ship is tied to the dock. A rope ladder hangs over the side of the ship. The bottom of the ladder just touches the water. The tide has started rising at the rate of 10cm each hour. How much of the ladder is under water after 3 hours?

6. Ovid’s riddle:

Nothing is harder than rock.

Nothing is softer than water.

Yet soft water hollows out hard rock.

How can this be?

7. It belongs to you. You can keep it if you like. But it’s mostly used by other people.

What is it?

8. I can be hot or cold. I can be different colours. I get smaller as I get used up. I help you see. What am I?

9.  I can predict the score of every football game at the moment the game begins. How?

10. You could open me with a knife and close me with water. I’m white and I travel a lot. What am I?

11. Name three sports events that are won by a person (or people) moving backwards.

12. How many mistakes in this sentence:

This, sentence containes two misstakes.

13. I enter the central police station almost every night and destroy fingerprints. Why don’t they arrest me?

14. Solve these tiny puzzles: 9 P in the SS, 5 V in the A, 18 H on a GC, 64 S on a CB, 213 B in the HB

15. Is it possible to make new door into one word?

16. What is unusual about the words cough, dough, rough, through and bough?

Mt Fuji by Hokusai

Answers: the answers are hiding on one of my other pages.