Peace Warriors


Peace Warriors (Mākaro Press) tells the dramatic, true stories of people who chose non-violent resistance in times of conflict. These stories show young readers that peaceful resistance and people power can be more effective than military force.

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A compelling, empowering book, which is both an absorbing read and an affirmation of human decency. I’m usually reluctant to use the word “inspiring”, but these stories of courage, endurance and fidelity from all around the world totally deserve that accolade. – David Hill

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OXFAM: 50% of royalties from sales of Peace Warriors are donated to Oxfam, New Zealand who work to build peace and prevent conflict.

A timely publication to challenge young people… –The Listener

Features a writing style full of hope and notions of empowerment.– Otago Daily Times

I commend this book to all who wish to  live their lives nonviolently and without weapons. It provides many inspirational stories for your journey. – Prof Kevin Clements, Director, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

This resource should be in all Intermediate and High Schools.Kids’ Books NZ

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White Rose –  students expose Nazi crimes (Sophie Scholl)
Non-Violent Village – a town in France saves Jewish refugees (Le Chambon)
Arne – a teenager resists invaders in Denmark (Arne Sejr)
Sold To Death –  a pacifist in WW1 (Archibald Baxter)
Hero To Zero –  a war hero turns pacifist in WW2 (Ormond Burton)
Asked To Kill – a teacher refuses to fight in Vietnam (William White)

Ships Against the Atom – sailing into a nuclear weapon zone (Rainbow Warrior)
Bombers – protest on a military base (Moana Cole)

Hitler’s Birthday – protest in Nazi Germany (Rosenstrasse)
Facing The Generals – Burmese students versus a brutal army
Yellow Revolution – the biggest people people movement (Corazon Aquino)

Salt Versus Bullets – Gandhi in India
Little Rock Nine – High school students against racism (Elizabeth Eckford)
The Lions Rage –  the first people power protest (Parihaka)
The Disappeared – mothers protest in Argentina (Plaza de Mayo)
To Create, Not Destroy – creative protests in WW2