Gecko Picture Book

My latest book is Gecko (buy here). Like Flight of the Honey Bee (Walker Books) this Nature Storybook is ‘a day in the life of’ a small creature. Journey with Gecko from the cliff tops to the jungle; hunting for food and hunted himself by deadly predators.

See Gecko shed his skin! Watch the amazing tail-trick!

Geckos are the escape artists of the lizard world; outsmarting predators with disguises, deceptions and fast getaways.

“The illustrations perfectly capture Gecko’s mercurial nature – a balance of action and stillness – Gecko flows from page to page.”

First Reviews!

The whole effect is just stunning. Beautiful understated artwork… This book is a delightful edition to the Nature Storybook series. –Kids Books NZ

An excellent example of the seamless integration of text and illustration to produce a high-quality non-fiction title. –Book Council of Australia

Highly recommended. Augmented with lustrous illustrations, reading this book is a treat. This is a wonderful addition to a fascinating series, well produced, thoughtfully written and informative. Read Plus

I dig this. As a teacher I would happily add this to a library corner as a research tool, and as a parent it makes a nice bedtime story.– Golden Adventures